Low Cost Shared transfers from Punta Cana Airport [PUJ]

Why Should You pay a few dollars more and choose Prestige Shared Shuttle over the Competition?

1. Prestige Shuttle buses carry 10-12 pass so you don’t have to worry about climbing over passengers on bus with 30-50 passengers.

2. This also equates to you getting to your resort/airport quicker with fewer stops!

3. Prestige will have a cold towel and cold water for each passenger on arrival.

4. When booking on website you also have the opportunity  to order soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

5. Why not start and end your vacation right with the Prestige Shared Shuttle.

Prestige Shared  Transfers/Shuttles is the most budget friendly form of airport transportation in Punta Cana. Shared Airport transfers are not only inexpensive but it also gives you the opportunity to make friends by meeting other travelers going in the same direction or to the same hotel/resort.

This type of transfers are for people that are not in a hurry to get to the Resort, they are on vacation and decided to take it easy and enjoy the ride while visiting some hotels before getting to their final destination. Some waiting time is required at the arrival because you will need to wait for others that are being grouped together. Departure from Punta Cana Airport is at the top of the hour. Customer needs to confirm the departure pickup time back to the airport by themselves following the voucher instructions.

* Pickup time is strictly assigned by the service provider NOT THE CUSTOMER. NO CAR SEATS ARE AVAILABLE.

  1. Remember to bring the Confirmation/voucher and valid photo ID with you.
  2. If the information you provided during the booking process is not accurate, the supplier is not responsible for the correct service provision.
  3. Information for the booking of the shuttle service is provided by the CLIENT. The voucher must be Checked for errors by the client before arriving or departing and advise PRESTIGE LIMOUSINE SERVICE of any errors.
  1. Maximum customer waiting time: 60 minutes on arrival.
  2. Maximum supplier waiting time: 120 minutes (please advise if flight is delay or any changes on arrival).
  3. Shared shuttles passengers  need to look for Prestige Employee holding sign that says Prestige Shared Shuttle (Punta Cana Airport only) and  will be taken to shuttle bus where they will wait till the top of the hour [ example leaves baggage claim at 1:30 shuttle departs at 2pm].
  4. In the event of a problem with customs or luggage, please text or contact us at 809-543-3550
  5. “NO SHOW” (No Show means that we expect the client at the airport or at the hotel and client just doesn’t show up without any prior notice). A No-Show by the passenger without prior warning shall be considered a cancellation and no money will be refunded. No reimbursement to the final consumer shall be made in the event of a ‘no-show’ without prior consultation.
  1. It is the passenger’s responsibility to CONTACT  Prestige at any of the phone numbers listed on the  confirmation/voucher to request the departure pick up time no more than 24 hours prior to departure. PICKUP TIME IS ALSO SENT BY EMAIL-text- WhatsApp. YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT; EMAIL SHOULD BE THE SAME YOU TYPED DURING THE BOOKING PROCESS. Please don’t use third parties (Concierge, Guest Service, or Bell Boys) to contact us by phone; we need to talk to you in person.
  2. The pickup time will be assigned  by Prestige 0perations Dept and should be accepted by the customer.
  3. Customers cannot request a specific pickup time back to the airport.
  1. 1 piece of baggage allowed per person.
  2. 1 item of hand baggage allowed per person.
  3. PRESTIGE LIMOUSINE SERVICE is not responsible for customer’s belongings left in the vehicle. It is the customer’s responsibility to unload all belongings before disembarking the vehicle. The customer when required will cover all expenses incurred in the recuperations of customer’s belonging.
  1. The passenger should arrive at the boarding point for THE SHUTTLE BACK TO THE AIRPORT at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for that service. If the passenger arrives later than the scheduled departure time, PRESTIGE LIMOUSINE SERVICE may give the seat to another passenger, in which case the passenger will be considered to have missed the service. PRESTIGE LIMOUSINE SERVICE shall not be liable to the passenger if he/she misses any service or suffers any loss, economic or otherwise, as a result of his/her late arrival, and shall not be obliged to hold up any service to wait for the passenger, or to provide a seat on any other service if the passenger misses a service.