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typical dishes


10 unmissable in Dominican Republic

10 unmissable in Dominican Republic


Punta Cana

It is the most visited place in Dominican Republic and one of the most popular Caribbean. Located east of the island, on the Atlantic, the Cape is a paradise of white sand beaches and turquoise water.

The temperature throughout the year between 20 ° C and 32 ° C. The quality of all beaches is excellent, but the choice is Playa Bavaro years.

The majority of hotels are all inclusive and organize activities outside the establishment, as 4×4 trips, visits to caves and mangroves.


Santo Domingo

The capital currently has just over 2.5 million people and concentrates most of the political, economic and cultural activity in the country. The City stands Ovando, the colonial area bordering the Ozama River, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There you can see America’s first cathedral, the first hospital and walk the old streets, which keep the spirit of 500 years ago. Besides history, the city is one of the great capitals of fun, with dozens of bars and restaurants, carnivals and merengue festivals.

faro-a-colon-republica-dominicana 1Faro a Colón

It is a monument and museum built in honor of Christopher Columbus, located in the city of Santo Domingo. There are the remains and some valuables related to the crossing.

The building is from 1992, when 500 years met the arrival of the Spaniards. Seen from the air, concrete and marble monument stands as a large cross. At night, the 251 luminaires allow him for several kilometers around are turned.

los-27-charcos-de-damajagua-republica-dominicanaLos 27 Charcos de Damajagua

Located in Puerto Plata, in the rolling hills of the Northern Range, it is one of the natural wonders of the country.

The park offers a section jumps up to 13 meters forming water curtains and natural pools.

The tour consists of climbing over rocks and thrown by different pools, through natural slides. The cries of adrenaline are a constant in the walk, which offers jumps of varying difficulty.


ballenas-en-samana-republica-dominicanaWhales in Samana

Samana Bay has, as elsewhere in the Dominican, excellent beaches. But the great attraction from December to April is the excursion to see humpback whales.

About three thousand copies come every year to mate from the seas of Iceland, Greenland, Canada and North America. Tourists who make the walk can approach a few meters from the animals.



los-platos-tipicos-republica-dominicana-1Typical dishes

The cuisine of the country is a reflection of the inherited influences of Spanish and African. The two most popular recipes on the island are the Dominican flag and sancocho.

The first is based on rice, beans and meat, well seasoned, while the stew is cooked like Spanish. She brings cassava, potato, banana and cilantro, among other ingredients.

When refreshing drink, the ringing die is the best option. It is a smoothie made with milk and orange juice. Simple and very delicious.




cayo-paraiso-republica-dominicanaCayo Paraíso

Located off the coast of Punta Rusia and the cove in Puerto Plata, is an atoll, an oceanic coral island. It has barely a hundred meters long and is reached after an hour boat ride. Some choose to jump into the water before reaching the island.

There, the majority of tour operators offer a snorkel and flippers to explore the nearby coral. You can see samples of swordfish and sea horse, among many others.


puerto-plata-republica-dominicanaPuerto Plata

Puerto Plata is one of the busiest provinces and is located 223 kilometers north of Santo Domingo. The place is ideal for base and cover a dozen nearby beaches, a distance of no more than 50 kilometers. Cabarete, Boca Cangrejo, Bergantin, Playa de Copello and Butterfly are among the most chosen in this region, the most visited after Punta Cana.



iberostar-grand-bavaro-hotel-republica-dominicana-1Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel

It was recently named one of the ten best hotels in the Caribbean. Like many establishments Dominican Republic, this Punta Cana all inclusive: the price of the evening includes open bar, buffet four meals and the chance to dine in a la carte restaurants inside the complex.

It also has a private beach and large amounts of games, kids club and spa.




When you buy something to give, a good bottle of rum can be a great option. This drink, made from sugarcane, is part of the culture. In fact, its origin can be traced to the time of Columbus and colonization.

The process of distillation and aging is done in American white oak barrels. There boutique in major hotels or can be achieved in liquor stores across the country stores. The three best known brands in the country are Bermudez, Brugal and Barceló. The snuff is another classic souvenirs.

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