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Prestige Limousine Service & David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic

Prestige Limo and Big Papi Hit It out of the Park at Casa De Campo!

Prestige-limousine-service.com (Dominican Republics leading limo/ private ground transportation company) is handling all Punta Cana Airport Transfers and Santo Domingo Airport Transfers for the David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic. Prestige Limousine Service is also providing all Hotel Shuttle Services to all events on property at Casa De Campo http://www.casadecampo.com.do for over 450 guests.


Smartest Travel Hacks You’ll Ever Need.

Travel Hacks

You’ll Ever Need

The Dominican Republic is a country with a privileged climate and environment. If you are thinking of coming here on holidays, we suggest you to have some things in mind to make your trip much better with this travel hacks:

  1. When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.
  2. Book online your transportation before your trip. Choose a trusted company. See if its website looks professional and check the comments of other users on Google+ and Trip Advisor, this is a great tool.
  3. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and to reduce static.
  4. To reduce wrinkling in folded clothes use tissue paper.
  5. Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding.
  6. Glass cases are perfect for chargers and cables.
  7. A binder clip will protect the head of shaving razors.
  8. Fold your soap in a wash cloth.
  9. Use belts to line collars to keep them crispy.
  10. Refill travel-size containers instead of buying new each time.

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11. Use a pen spring to protect chargers from bending and breaking.

12. Use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future access.

13. If you forget your wall plug, you can charge devices through the USB slot on a TV.

14. Use the camera in your phone.

15. On the last day of your trip to a foreign country, collect all of your loose change and give it to someone who needs it.

16. Leave a comment on the services you have used in your trip, so you will help other users who are traveling to the same destination.

Dominican Republic is the crown jewel of Caribbean beach destinations and never disappoint. A seemingly endless list of resorts offers all-inclusive luxury alongside affordable options to suit any type of traveler, with hotels ranging from family-friendly to opulent.

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